Welcome to Safety Harbor - Here we will be highlighting recent and even not-so-recent neighbors to our community.  Check back to meet your new neighbors and hear what brought them here and what they love most about Safety Harbor.

 Julie Scott

Julie Scott is one of Safety Harbor's newest residents.  She is looking forward to putting down roots in a welcoming and walkable community.  Julie first came to Safety Harbor this past January to spend some time with old friends , past friends and neighbors of 30 years in South Tampa with whom she never lost touch. After receiving a warm welcome her first night in the Harbor with a large gathering of locals,  Julie knew this could be the right place for her to put down new roots.


Julie's husband of 25 years passed away last year.  She and her husband, who was the Chief of Police, lived in Dade City for twenty years.  Julie is a retired attorney who practiced primarily in child and family law.  After being in Safety Harbor for about a week, Julie found a charming bungalow for sale on 3rd Street North, and one month later she was the proud owner of her new home.  Julie is now devoting a lot of her energies into planning some exciting updates for her new home.  She has quickly become involved in this community, starting with Paint your Heart Out last March and continues with lots of other local volunteer opportunities.  Julie loves walking two blocks to downtown along with her dog Harry.  She is enjoying discovering all the wonderful restaurants, bars and shopping that are so unique to Safety Harbor and she is excited for the opening of our newest building on Main Street.  You will also find Julie and Harry, along with lots of her old and new friends having a great time together on her front porch. 

The Cosby Family

A new job offer to become Chief Operating Officer of Baycare Medical Group inspired Angela Cosby and her family to leave their longtime home in Edmond, Okla., to relocate in the Tampa Bay area.“Karma,” she says, brought them to Safety Harbor.


The Cosby family – Angela, husband Darin, a Senior Project Manager for an oil and gas company, son Jackson, a sophomore at Calvary Christian High School, puppy dog, Maggie, and cats Koko and Kuro – are among Safety Harbor’s newest residents and a perfect community fit. Even daughter Abby, still back at Oklahoma University, completing her master’s degree in accounting, is already considering a similar move following graduation next year.“Darin and I both grew up in small towns in Oklahoma,” Angela said. “So we are used to community, to knowing people and talking to people and Main Street. That’s why I say it was karma. 


“I’d already accepted the job and a month or two before we would be moving, knew I needed to find an Airbnb to stay in temporarily. A few weeks later, on a preliminary visit to her new employer for an introduction to the Tampa Bay area, Angela also met with a Realtor to begin a home search.“While we were out looking, I told her I’d like to drive by the Airbnb that I was going to be staying at and at least see it,” she said. “She brought me in off McMullen Booth and, I didn’t even know I was in Safety Harbor. But as soon as we came down Main Street, I said, ‘Oh, my gosh. I love this. It reminds me of home.’ She said, ‘Well, this is Safety Harbor.’


“When I actually got here and was walking Maggie, every street I would go on someone would stop say hello and stop and talk to us. We met so many people. We met the mayor one day. So many people would talk and welcome us. That’s when I knew this is where I’m going to live. My Realtor kept taking me to different places, Countryside, over here, over there. And I was, “NO,’ this is where I want to be.’ ”Except nothing is ever easy.


With Downtown Safety Harbor targeted as the family destination, the search has not yet found the perfect home. But rather than settle for anything less than their goal, the Cosby family has rented a home on North Bayshore Blvd., and will wait patiently for the Downtown property they imagine becoming a forever home.“We want to be downtown,” said Darin, who has the distinction of having played NCAA baseball and football at Oklahoma University, where he was a member of the Sooners’ 1985 National Championship football team coached by the legendary Barry Switzer. “We want the walk-ability, the community feel of people looking out for each other. So we are renting while we continue to look.’


Added Angela, “We want to be able to walk to restaurants, be in a running club, walk to Starbucks, walk to the Spa.“I love the street fairs and markets. I love Third Fridays and the live music.”And very soon, one of Safety Harbor’s newest families will be able to eat at one of its newest Downtown restaurants – Karma.

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