Smart Growth Safety Harbor Code of Ethics

Smart Growth Safety Harbor has a clearly stated mission and purpose, approved by the board of directors in pursuit of intelligent city leadership, managed growth and pursuit of a vibrant and successful downtown business environment.
•       This Code of Ethics sets forth legal and ethical standards for directors, officers and volunteers of Smart Growth Safety Harbor. It is intended to promote ethical conduct in all efforts to promote, grow, support and lead Safety Harbor into a prosperous and well-planned future.

Conduct And Behavior
•       Smart Growth Safety Harbor requires that its officers, directors and representatives comply with all laws, rules, regulations and ethics.
•       Smart Growth Safety Harbor will only use sound judgment and common sense to influence positive and managed growth while protecting and promoting “Harbor Life.”

Action Plan
•        Smart Growth Safety Harbor will respect and seek out total truth to eliminate misrepresentation, half-truths, and lies spread through gossip and social media in attempts to stall community growth, soil our community’s “welcoming image” and drive away prospective newcomers.
•       Smart Growth Safety Harbor defends fairness and objectivity in all community activities and business.
•       All Smart Growth Safety Harbor efforts are focused on promoting and supporting community unity, downtown prosperity, rights of property owners and strong governmental leadership by using facts, intelligence and insight to better educate residents on important issues.
•       Smart Growth Safety Harbor will never use personal insults, physical threats or fear mongering as weapons against new residents or businesses.
•       Smart Growth Safety Harbor will encourage, support and lead by example to champion high standards for beautification of existing properties, renovations and new construction that complements Harbor Life.
•       Smart Growth Safety Harbor will raise the standard of community pride by supporting (financially and with volunteer involvement) groups like, but not limited to, Paint Your Heart Out, Melons for Moolah and Team Up To Clean Up – not only to improve the quality of community life but to celebrate neighbors helping neighbors.
        SGSH does not aspire to save Safety Harbor, only to maximize quality of life and an open-arms welcoming nature that is Harbor Life, and all board members will reflect that goal.

P.O Box 1436 , Safety Harbor, FL 34695

email: info@smartgrowthsafetyharbor

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